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Investment projects

Investment projects for construction of residential and commercial property are today one of the most lucrative investment options that provide a guaranteed profit.

At present the most promising projects in obtaining investment projects are the construction of hotels / hotels, residential complexes and business - centers. Among Russian investors are very popular investment projects abroad, because of the tight regulation of the market, low interest rates on financing, and lack of mundane risks.

Company J. Springis works with a number of developers and also took part in the already implemented projects to attract funding and implementation. Because of its physical presence in the UK market and some European countries as well as extensive links can log into any project at any stage.

Projects for building hotels, we can help with the purchase of land, construction management, and involve large operators - owners of well-known hotel brands.


Direct investment in real estate - the company J. Springis provides "direct investment" - the purchase of real estate to generate income from the subsequent lease. We are talking about buying a block of apartments, houses for further renovation and rent, houses for renovation at hotels, etc.

Negotiations with a potential investor, for a specific project, begins to confirmation only after the availability of funds for investment, it needs to provide an extract of an account. If you represent an investment fund, or are acting on behalf of the company, in talks with us should attend a top manager, authorized to make decisions. It is also necessary to provide a statement of account of the availability of the company.

Therefore, making a request to us, please briefly describe your interest, the amount of investment, at what stage you are ready and who will conduct further negotiations.
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