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Personal Consultation

Tailor-made, bespoke, professional advice

Property market is far too complicated, complex and sometimes it is very difficult to find right property whether it is residential or investment property. Without right knowledge of the market it is difficult to make right decision and find right property. At J. Springis before we start search for property we will offer our clients personal consultation in order to get clear picture of clients goals and needs. We offer our clients personal, independent and highly professional advisory service which educates our clients and allow them to make independent decision.

We have an excellent and trusted relationship with developers, banks all selling agents who will always make us aware of properties and investment projects about to come onto the market. 

Investment options personalised to you

If you are looking to invest to property market but cannot make your own decision we are here to help you. If you feel you need advice of an independent real estate adviser your Investment Consultant can provide you with on-going support designed to help you manage and grow your wealth. Our services include: investment and protection advice, portfolio management and wealth planning. 

Every investor needs to have investment strategy and your dedicated consultant will help you with that. We will talk about you personal circumstances, once we establish understanding of you, your needs, your attitude to risks we will be able to help you to create your investment portfolio. Your consultant will cover:

  • Investment aims and objectives
  • Current investment holdings
  • Investment timeframe and lifestyle goals
  • Knowledge and experience of investments
  • Attitude and tolerance to risk
  • Capital available for investment
  • Protection needs
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